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„Together Towards Tomorrow“

It is a great pleasure for the German National Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ZKRD) to host the 12th International Donor Registry Conference (IDRC) and WMDA Working Group Meetings. The slogan “Together Towards Tomorrow“ was chosen because it expresses the approach of the WMDA community towards meeting the challenges we face today and those we expect to encounter in the future. Both the Organizing and the Scientific Committee would like this conference to become a kick-off meeting for the exciting challenge of shaping the future. We will be hosting delegates from clinical programs, laboratories, and research settings, registries, donor centers and cord blood banks in interactive sessions and personal discussions revolving around these challenges.

Our world is currently changing at an unprecedented pace – not only in the field of stem cell transplantation. Clinicians continue to monitor haploidentical vs. allogeneic transplants while advancing new cellular therapies. More and more countries are initiating transplant programs. Initial donor testing is largely being performed by NGS, rapidly delivering complete data at a minimal price. In contrast, new regulatory hurdles complicate collaboration. As a consequence, the process for efficiently identifying the best possible donor and promptly delivering the cells will soon have to be redefined.

This gives rise to a number of topics for IDRC 2018:
• International Search Systems • Donor Center and Registry Operations
• Controversies in Donor Selection • Towards Integration and Standardization
• Psychological and Ethical Challenges • Research of Today – Routine of Tomorrow
• Regulatory Aspects The IDRC will include sessions for delegates from diff

The IDRC will include sessions for delegates from different professional backgrounds, as well as the presentation of abstracts. International speakers will represent the broad range of disciplines involved, from clinical and laboratory practice to ethics and registry coordination.

We invite you to join us in turning this conference into a catalytic scientific event.

Carlheinz Müller
CEO and Medical Director of ZKRD

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