to munich


Dear colleagues and friends,

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” The many variants of this quote are testament to the fascination of the underlying idea. Therefore, it is my great pleasure to host the 12th International Donor Registry Conference (IDRC) and WMDA Working Group Meetings in June 2018 in Munich, and to invite all delegates to turn this next IDRC into a kick-off meeting for the exciting challenge of creating the future.

Since its foundation almost a quarter of a century ago, the ZKRD has facilitated donor searches for over 40,000 German and nearly 300,000 international patients, processed well over a million individual service requests, and contributed to over 50,000 stem cell transplants. In those 25 years we have seen a tremendous increase in knowledge and dramatic progress in all aspects of our operation and co-operation.

The field in which we work will without doubt continue to develop at such breathtaking pace. The focus of IDRC 2018 therefore, must be to prepare the audience for current challenges by updating and expanding their knowledge, fostering their collaboration and strengthening their personal networks. All this is reflected in our slogan “Together Towards Tomorrow”. The ZKRD and the WMDA will team up to design a cutting-edge program with leading speakers capable of anticipating developments in the near future, outlining opportunities for stakeholders, and stimulating the audience with their visions.

We have chosen Munich as our venue for quite a number of reasons. It is regarded as the German metropolis with a heart, and is the natural gateway to a region that attracts millions of tourists every year from around the globe. Additionally Munich is a European center of culture, technology and business, as well as being home to two world-class universities and many more scientific research institutions.

We would be delighted to welcome you to Munich for a memorable 12th International Donor Registry Conference.


Carlheinz Müller
CEO and Medical Director of ZKRD